First sleeve and bodice I’ve made in my Fashion communication course, first term includes sewing and garmenting leading up to pairing up and designing/making our own 50’s inspired dress.




Vau Vau

Beginning of October this year, I modelled for Vauhaus in a fashion show just up in Hyde park, Leeds. There was a number of clothing brands which collaborated in the show such as Bo carter, Blue Rinse vintage, Mad Elizabeth, Emba and Loving Youth. Toria Brightside is the one to thank for making this show happen, wonderful at her work, fashion stylist, photographer, editor and all time organiser! Loved working with her and also there was a special guest, Alysha Nett who modelled a number of brands and rocked the stage!


Emba Creativewomenswear
Makeup by Georgie Wright
Hair by Renais Sance
Photo by Tom ONeill Photo
Modelled by Charlotte Tasker

Toria Brightside on the left strutting her stuff on the catwalk, and on the right modelling latex from Eustratia clothing brand.