Made In Leeds Street Fashion

Starting on my new course this year, Fashion concepts and communication at Leeds Art, we began to work with a brand called Made in Leeds. They visited us during the week with a presentation and offer to go out into Leeds, photograph and document as many people as we could of their unique fashion sense. It wasn’t easy at first, we all came along some quite rude people, but eventually got more fun meeting the interesting ones! Heres a few of my favourites!



The V.I.P Couple. We caught a snap of them off guard, laughing then all of a sudden they had this image. 

Girl on left wearing: Jacket, Asos Vintage market, Top from Topshop and also the leggings, scrunchy from American Apparel and shoes off Ebay.

Guy on the right wearing: Coat from Burberry, trousers from River Island, Boots from a vintage store in Camden, London and Sunglasses being Ray-bans finest.  



Grunge never gets old!

This lovely lady wearing here, everything from by the designer Comme Des Garcon. Love her image, make-up and hair also, keeps the punk in and the old knitwear out!!



Burberry Girl.

Everything this little treasure is wearing here is from none other than Burberry as she works for them and was just on her break that day. Although, except the shoes which are from Pop culture, vintage store and the necklace from Urban Outfitters.



Hipster Kid.

Wearing here: Top from Urban Outfitters, Vans hat, Jacket from a market in Manchester, jeans from Topman and trainers from Schuch. Very trendy kind of guy, and yes, the beard is real. 



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